UFC 83 Prize

Many thanks to No Mercy Athletics for providing a prize for 1st place tonight.  Winner will receive an autograph picture of Jon Fitch and a No Mercy Athletics Shirt.

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UFN Updated

Spencer Fisher is out of his fight against Marcus Aurelio at UFN 13 in two weeks.  In his place is Jim Miller who is 10-1 in smaller orgs, with his 1 loss coming from Frankie Edgar which went the distance.  Update your picks now.

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IFL Quick Results

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UFC 82 Card updated and Prizes

Card has been updated.  Prizes for this are 1 UFC Uprising Shirt and 1 Rich Franklin American Fighter Shirt.

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Admin Help Needed

Obiously a lot has been going on and I am in need of an admin to help run this site.  There are no perks other than you get to say you are an admin.  If you are interested, email me at thebwit AT gmail and let me know.  You must be available on either aim or msn also.

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I would like to apologize to everyone for not running the UFC Fight Night results yet.  My grandfather passed and I wasn't able to post.  As such the people remaining to get prizes will be mailed out by Friday (Feb 1).  Sorry for the delay in all of that.  Also I do know that the points are carried over from 2007 and I need to fix that.  Thanks.


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UFC 80 Quick Results and Prize winner

Congrats to Kickass32 for predicting the most fights correctly.  I have already sent out an email and you will receive your prizes after you reply.

What a great card UFC 80 turned out to be.  This was just an exciting card from top to bottom and we got to see 8 out of the 9 fights which is very rare.  Anywaysm quick results are as follows:

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UFC 80 Prizes

Well due to the fact UFC's store took forever I don't have much new to give for UFC 80.  So for first place we have a limited edition Rich Franklin American Fighter Shirt and a UFC Octogon Necklace.  Sorry nothing for 2nd place this time.  Good luck.

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UFC 79 winners

Sorry for the delay.  Stupid UFC's own store was a pain and I didn't get the prizes I ordered until early this week.  JC 78 s00ted and maakshif have both been notified.  Congrats to them both.

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UFC 79 Prizes Update

Ok first off many thanks to Damage Wear for donating some prizes.  The shirt you will get for 1st or 2nd is a limited edition Rich Franklin shirt like the one he wore at UFC 77.

Additionally UFC's own store has been slow to ship my order and as such the prizes I ordered from them are delayed.  Do not worry, as soon as they ship the items, then I will ship them off to the winner of the pickem for UFC 79.

Once again, many thanks to:
Damage Wear

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Current Open Voting Events

Below are the current events that are open to predict the winners of each fight.
UFC 84 Ill Will - 5/24/2008
UFC 85 Liddell vs Evans - 06/07/2008