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UFC 74 Respect - 8/25/2007

Randy Couture vs. Gabriel Gonzaga: Randy Couture

Roger Huerta vs. Alberto Crane: Roger Huerta

Josh Koscheck vs. Georges St-Pierre: Georges St-Pierre

Kurt Pellegrino vs. Joe Stevenson: Joe Stevenson

Patrick Cote vs. Kendall Grove: Kendall Grove

Ryan Jensen vs. Thales Leites: Ryan Jensen

Renato Sobral vs. David Heath: Renato Sobral

Frank Mir vs. Antoni Hardonk: Frank Mir

Clay Guida vs. Marcus Aurelio: Clay Guida

thebwit's Justifications:
Ok it is that time again. Time to predict the winners for the UFC 74 PPV. Last PPV I predicted the winners of 7 correctly though it would have been 8 had Tito not lost a point. So that's a good start. So lets get onto it.

First the under card:
Clay Guida vs. Marcus Aurelio
I have to admit. I wasn't sure who Aurelio was. After I posted some odds for this fight, people said they were surprised Guida was the favorite to win as they considered Aurelio a top 10 in the division. After looking at his record he has fought some serious competition. He has two losses in a row, and hasn't fought since November of 06. Guida also is coming off a two loss streak though his most recent loss was controversial. They both have similar records so this should make for a good fight. I am going to go with my boy Guida on this one.

Frank Mir vs Antoni Hardonk
Mir hasn't fought since November of 06. He was also one of the best in the UFC for a little while until he had an accident. Antoni has not impressed me at all in the two fights I have seen of his. If Mir is in the shape that he used to be in then Hardonk is going to have a long rough night. Mir by submission.

Renato Sobral vs David Heath
Sobral who many considered to be a great fighter has gotten his ass handed to him in his last two fights. Sure one of those was against Chuck Liddell, but against Jason Lambert? No one saw that coming. Renato has something to prove and I think David Heath is going to get his second loss.

Ryan Jensen vs Thales Leites
Most people probably don't know who Ryan Jensen is and are going to go with Thales Leites. Both fighters have only 1 loss so that makes it a little harder to predict who is the stepping stone for who. Leites last fight saw him fight a guy by the name of Floyd Sword who's strengths included flying knees. Yeah there's a great fighter. Jensen has been fighting in the IFL and VFL for a little while now, and it is about time for him to make his UFC debut and make it his first win in the UFC.

Main Card
Alright the undercard is always a little harder to predict than the main card so now onto what should be the easier breakdown.

Patrick Cote vs Kendall Grove
Grove is coming off a 3 win streak and doesn't look like he is going to be stopped any time soon. But Patrick Cote just got back on the winning streak after a 4 fight losing streak. Cote knows he needs to win in order to keep fighting and nothing would help his career more than upsetting the ultimate fighter winner. Unfortunately I think Grove is finally going to have learned how to use his long legs and massive reach advantage and will knock Cote out in the 2nd round.

Kurt Pellegrino vs Joe Stevenson
Sorry first thing I have to say is WTF to Pellegrino's nick name. Seriously Batman? WTF? Ok with that off my chest, let's get back to the predictions. I don't know squat about Pellegrino so I am just going to have to go with Stevenson on this one. More than likely a sub and I am going to say within 2 minutes of the first round.

Josh Koscheck vs Georges St-Pierre
Now a lot of people, including me, were happy when Koscheck beat Diego Sanchez. Unfortunately I wasn't impressed at all with that fight. GSP is coming off his worst loss ever. No one saw Serra beating him, including GSP. GSP wants his belt back and badly. We look at fighters and how they come back from losses to judge them. GSP is going to be a force and will just pound the crap out of Koscheck. Look to see a bloody Koscheck.

Roger Huerta vs Alberto Crane
This should be a good fight. Huerta is on a massive streak in the UFC and Crane is undefeated. Also Crane has won 7 of 8 fights via a submission of some sort. Huerta will want to stand and Crane will want to go to the ground. Unfortunately for Crane, Huerta is just as good there. Huerta will take this somewhere in the late 2nd round or early 3rd.

Randy Couture vs Gabriel Gonzaga
Everyone thought this would be Couture vs Cro Cop, but Gonzaga had that massive head kick on Cro Cop and here we are. Couture is the underdog according to the odds makers, but I don't see him there. He looks to be in fantastic shape - even better than when he was younger. He is a smarter fighter now and I know he is going to find a way to win this. He predicts that Gonzaga can't go on for 5 rounds and I am willing to say he can't either. Question is, does Couture make it to round 4 or 5? He has taken some serious shots before, and I see him being able to use Gonzaga's strengths against him. I am going to go with Couture's prediction and say late 4th early 5th round stoppage of some sort.

And there you have it. This looks to be a fantastic card, and I am super amped for this card.