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WEC 30 - 9/5/2007

Richard Crunkilton Jr. vs. Rob McCullough: Rob McCullough
via TKO or KO or Ref Stopage in round 1

Rani Yahya vs. Chase Beebe: Rani Yahya
via Submission in round 2

Jeremiah Billington vs. Brian Stann: Brian Stann
via TKO or KO or Ref Stopage in round 1

Jeff Bedard vs. Miguel Torres: Miguel Torres
via TKO or KO or Ref Stopage in round 3

Marcelo Brito vs. John Alessio: Marcelo Brito
via Decision

Scott McAfee vs. Marcus Hicks: Marcus Hicks
via TKO or KO or Ref Stopage in round 2

Bryan Baker vs. Jesse Forbes: Bryan Baker
via Decision

Kenneth Alexander vs. Donald Cerrone: Donald Cerrone
via Submission in round 3

Joe Benoit vs. Blas Avena: Joe Benoit
via TKO or KO or Ref Stopage in round 2

Coty Wheeler vs. Ian McCall: Coty Wheeler
via Submission in round 1

thebwit's Justifications:
Just like the UFC events, lets start at the bottom and work our way up.

Coty Wheeler vs Ian McCall looks to be an interesting fight. Neither has fought in the WEC or UFC before and both are undefeated. Wheeler looks to take this fight to the ground and McCall will want to bang. It all depends on who is more on target. I am going to go with Wheeler considering 5 of his 6 wins happened within the first round via submission.

Benoit vs Avena is another one that looks interesting. Avena has had two fights in the WEC, but Benoit has more fights in general. Also Benoit is undefeated and has a pretty even record of KO's and Submissions. I think Benoit will win this one in the 2nd round with a KO of some sorts.

Kenneth Alexander vs Donald Cerrone looks to be a submission battle. Alexander hasn't won with a KO in about 5 years and his last 2 wins were via a submission of sorts. Cerrone on the other hand has had all Submissions. I think Cerrone will win this in the 3rd round with a submission.

Bryan Baker vs Jesse Forbes should be a good fight. Baker will want to stand and Forbes will want this fight on the ground. I remember Forbes from his TUF days and thought he would be a force then. It looks like since his loss to Matt Hamill he has matured a little bit and taken his fighting more seriously as he has won his last 3 fights. However Baker has ground game too and has fought 4 times already this year. I see Baker being in better shape and taking this one in a decision.

Scott McAfee vs Marcus Hicks pits another two undefeated fighters against each other. Hicks is called the wrecking ball because he is huge for 155lbs. He strikes hard and also has some ground game. McAfee looks to only have a ground game, and I don't see him being able to take Hicks down. Round 2 TKO.

Marcelo Brito vs John Alessio. Alessio seems to alternate win/loss/win/loss and unfortunately for him this one would be a Loss fight. Brito is well rounded with both BJJ and Mui Thai and I think he will be able to control Alessio. I am going with a 3 round fight to lead to Brito's win via decision.

Jeff Bedard vs Miguel Torres. This one seems rather easy to me to predict. Torres has over twice as many fights as Bedard and most of them in good fashion. Bedard seems to be the king of decisions, so that tells me he doesn't have the ability to finish fights and probably just gets by in the 3rd round. Torres will be able to hold out and submit Bedard in the 3rd round.

Jeremiah Billington vs Brian Stann is rather easy. I have seen Stann's previous two fights and he is just a beast knocking people out. Billington hasn't fought in a the WEC yet but does have cage experience. Still I don't think he will be able to stop Stann. I am going with Stann's record and saying this ends in the first round via a KO.

Rani Yahya vs Chase Beebe for the Bantamweight title. Both fighters are submission fighters and will want to get this fight to the ground. I am sure Beebe would like to be able to defend his title successfully, but I just think that Yahya is going to pull out the early submission and win.

Richard Crunkilton Jr vs Rob McCullough. Unlike the other title fight, I expect McCullough to hold onto his belt. The dude can hit and hit hard. He has had two fighters give up after being hit so hard. Crunkilton can take a punch, but can he take 20? I don't think so. McCullough in the first round via KO.